About us

Company Profile

DAR ALEBDAA Co. is a new, innovative, and promising biomedical company that was established in 2023 by a highly professional team who has accumulated over 20 years of experience in 6 countries.

Dar ALEBDAA Co. LLC is registered in the UAE and centrally headquartered in Dubai. We have strategically established partnerships with leading dental device manufacturers across Europe and Asia, ensuring a diverse and high-quality product range.

We strive to provide a top rate approach to innovative solutions in the area of dental and medical equipment, supplies, and services utilizing a vast network of affiliate and sister companies.

Our vision goes beyond mere business — it touches the core of humanity, aligning our purpose with a broader perspective.

Working Strategy

To provide speedy and effective customization:

- Efficiently meet market requirements

- Experienced, skillful maintenance staff

- Efficient product engineering capability

- Swift after-sale maintenance response and excellent customer service.

Market Position

Empowering Dentistry in the Middle East: Dar Alebdaa Co.'s Regional Leadership

  • Leading with avant-garde digital dental equipment. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the seamless integration of the most recent technological innovations and dental methodologies implemented throughout the Middle East.
  • Regional significant impact with a substantial presence in the Middle East. Our advanced solutions find resonance among dental clinics, dental laboratories, and professionals, extending our influence throughout the region.
  • Precision and Efficiency in each product is meticulously designed for precision and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art digital tools empower dental practitioners, allowing them to deliver optimal patient care with unparalleled precision.
  • Precision and efficiency define each product sourced by Dar Alebdaa Co., empowering dental clinics and laboratories to deliver optimal patient care with unparalleled precision.
  • Respond promptly to customer demands with outstanding technical support.

Philosophy & Vision

Pioneering medical advancements to empower healthcare professionals to preserve lives and enhance well-being.
Providing innovative, reliable, and accessible solutions, dedicated to the belief that saving a soul is a step toward safeguarding mankind's health and vitality.


Our vision is to become a beacon and a cornerstone of global healthcare, leading the way in the cutting-edge medical equipment industry. We aspire to contribute significantly to the powerful idea that saving a soul is, indeed, equivalent to saving mankind.