Mobile X-ray system

Free positioning with Arm Free Stop function
Stable output with high frequency inverter type



  • Easy operation with Arm Free Stop function
  • Easy movement with compact design and light in weight
  • Internal brake system for safety and design
  • Semi-permanent power supply type

 High Frequency Generator

HFG of inverter type has an efficient and stable output.
*2.4kW (max. 40mA)



Arm Free Stop function

User can expose the unit after changing and stopping the X-ray head at 4-way direction without locking lever and gas shock absorber.
(Patent No.:10-1047973)


Internal brake system

Internal brake system considers reducing risk of injury and improving aesthetic value of appearance.

Control Panel

User can set 8 modes of APR with easy operation. It is available both hand switch and remote controller for exposure.
*APR: Anatomical Programmed Radiography