Pinkview-DR PLUS

Digital Mammography

Premium digital mammography with 24*30 detector
Combination of W & Rh for excellent digital images



  • All-in-one system and ASP function
  • Convenient digital compression control with MICOM
  • Perfect compatible with DICOM
  • SID 660mm for improving high sharpness

In-direct type 24*30 detector

Amorphous Silicon(a-Si) of In-direct type 24*30 detector can be used under tough environment and provied the excellent images on different breast sizes.


Combination W & Rh

 Tungsten of tube target and Rhodium of additional filtration can get excellent digital images with low dosage.


Automatic Standard Positioning(ASP)

BEMEMS Co., Ltd adapts ASP function to maximize operators’ convenience. And it can be automatically positioned into standard position with one-touch operation.
(Patent No. 20-030047)

*Standard positioning: RCC-LCC-RMLO-LMLO

MICOM compression control

Patient’s pain would be reduced by soft compression control of MICOM.
It can be controlled max. 200N by the 10N.



Easy and convenient operation

Main OP and PC can do two-way communication for display and control, also icon touch program is very convenient for operating.